2016 National Camporama

2016 National Camporama

Mon, July 18, 2016

National Camporama: July 9-13, 2012



Click here to read an important NOTICE regarding your registration with the Penn-Del District for the National Camporama before proceeding

Please continue reading this entire page for important information pertaining to all Penn-Del District Royal Rangers attending the 2012 National Camporama

You won't want to miss the 10th Royal Rangers National Camporama at Eagle Rock, Missouri on July 9-13, 2012.  This exciting national event represents the pinnacle of Royal Rangers activities and serves as the high point of many boys’ involvement in Royal Rangers.  Featuring a variety of outdoor activities and nationally-known guest speakers, this event is certain to be the best Camporama ever!

This Camporama will be unique in that we will be celebrating our Golden Anniversary of 50 years of the Royal Rangers ministry.  Special one-time activities and commemorative products will be available.  This will be one event you won't want to miss!

More information can be found on our National Camporama website at nationalcamporama.org.

Be sure to download and read Camporama 101 for complete details and information pertaining to the 2012 National Camporama.

Camporama FAQ (National)

Camporama FAQ (District)

Contact for Information

Greg Scott - District Director and Event Coordinator
400 Eagle Nest Drive
Camden, DE 19934
(302) 697-2313 - Home
(302) 632-8814 - Cell
(302) 736-3058 - Office

Steve Steffel - Ass't. Event Coordinator
507 Howell School Road
Bear, DE 19701
(302) 932-8919 - Home
(302) 379-1580 - Cell

National Registration

Each person planning on attending the National Camporama must register directly with the National office.  This must be done online at http://nationalcamporama.ag.org/register/.  The applicable registration fees for the National registration are in the below table.  Each person must also complete the Medical Record Form and submit it to the National office.  We ask that you please submit a copy of the Medical Record Form to the District with your District registration.  Be sure to also bring a copy with you to Camporama.  Before starting the online registration be sure to hve each person attending with your group complete the Medical Record Form and the Registration Information Form and have them both available during the online registration process.

In addition, each person attending the National Camporama must also register with our District directly.  This registration is not a part of the National registration and there is an additonal fee that is required to be paid directly to the District.  It is not an optional fee and must be paid within 1 week after registering with the National office, but no later than June 27th.  The applicable registration fees for the District are in the below table.

Fees listed here apply to both leaders and boys (per person).

Registration Fees

Applications and Payment Postmarked or Received Between

National Fee

District Fee

Chartered Members


Chartered Members


December 1, 2011 - May 15, 2012





May 16 - June 15, 2012





June 16 - June 27, 2012





District Registration

You can register with the District by downloading the below form and sending it to Cmdr. Steve Steffel with your check made payable to Penn-Del Royal Rangers along with a copy of your Medical Record Form for each person.  Also print out and send a completed copy of the camp site layout diagram you need based upon the number of persons you have attending the Camporama.  Click here for the several options of camp site layouts to choose from.  Please specify if you will have or not have a canopy.  Canopy sizes are limited to 20' x 20' maximum.

Be sure to also send in your check and copies of the Medical Record Form within 5 days of registering with the National office.  Send all District registration forms, fees, and copies of the Medical Record Form and campsite layout to:

Cmd. Steve Steffel
507 Howell School Road
Bear, DE 19701 

Penn-Del District Registration Form (Form is Fillable)

Registration Summary

  1. Obtain completed Medical Record Form and Registration Information Form for each person attending. 
  2. Have credit card information and church account number available.  With your forms in hand, go on line and register with the National office.  Upon completion, send hard copies of all Medical Record Forms and Registration Forms to the National office.
  3. Within 5 days of registering with the National office complete registration with the District RR office and send in copies of the Medical Registration forms, the Penn-Del District Registration Form, your desired camp site layout, and the $25 fee for each person attending.  Payment can only be made by check.


In order to attend National Camporama all campers must meet the following qualifications.

  • Participation is limited to men and boys only, although women and girls may visit during designated visitor times.
  • Boys must be at least 9 years of age by July 9, 2012 to attend.
  • Adult leaders (ages 18 & older) must be approved by their pastor.
  • Boys who will turn 18 before or during Camporama must be approved as adult leaders.
  • Boys must be accompanied by adult leaders.
  • Registration applications must be submitted to the National office directly and you must register as part of the Penn-Del District.  You must also register separately with the district.  A Medical Record and Release Form must be completed and submitted to National.
  • Final deadline for applications is June 27, 2012.  Applications postmarked after this date will not be accepted.

Travel and Transportation

Unfortunately, the District has not been unable to generate up enough interest to be able to do charter buses for transporation to and from National Camporama. Each person/outpost attending Camporama will be responsible for making their own arrangements to National Camporama.  However, if you are planning on going and do not have enough leaders or boys to travel out to Eagle Rock, MO, on your own and would like to team up with another outpost, please contact Cmdr. Steve Steffel to see if we can assist you in connecting with an outpost that is going to Camporama.

Be sure to bring copies of the Medical Record and Release Forms for all people travelng to Camporama

Check with your church to make sure your group has proper and adequate insurance to go to Camporama.  The District will also be covering all persons from our District, who will be traveling to and from the Camporama, with insurance as part of the District registration fee.  The insurance coverage is limited to the travel to and travel  from the Camporama and is supplemental to the churches insurance policy and the individuals health insurance, which kick in first.  Click here for an explanation of the coverage for the Penn-Del District Insurance Policy for Overnight Camps, Conferences, and Retreats.  The National office will be carrying insurance while at the Camporama.


Check-in begins on Sunday, July 8th, at 1:00 p.m. Upon arrival, you will be directed to the registration office at the Eagles Lodge, located in the Eagles Resort area. Each person will need to check in. One person cannot check in the entire group. You may then proceed through the secure campground entrance to our district area to set up your campsite. A District and/or Region representative will be present to direct you to your camping area. Our encampment will be laid out in an orderly and safe fashion and you will be shown where to locate your tents by the camp coordinator.  Campsites/tents should be set up no later than Monday afternoon, July 9th. The first activity is Monday's Grand Opening Rally on July 9th.

Camp Gear

Each outpost will be required to bring their own tents for camping.  It is requested that, if possible, you bring 4-6 man tents as space is limited in the area assigned to our District for camping.  Too many 2 man smaller tents take up too much valuable real estate.  The district will be providing an awning for shade in the District Headquarters and a few picnic tables for seating.  However, each outpost may bring 1 awning or dining fly for in their immediate campsite area along with collapsable picnic tables if you have them.  The maximum size awning or dining fly is 20' x 20' or 10' x 20' or 12' x 20' or combination thereof.  Please indicate if you are bringing and awning or dining fly on the camp site layout diagram and select the preferred layout you need based upon the number of persons attending from your group.  Contact Cmdr. Steve Steffel if you have any questions.  If your outpost needs tents please contact Cmdr. Steve Steffel.

Be sure download and read a copy of Camporama 101 for a more detailed list of personal items needed for Camporama and for more detailed information on the entire event.  A suggeseted list of Personal gear can be found on page 11.


If history tells us anything, we know it will be hot in July at National Camporama.  Please be sure your leaders and boys remain well hydrated throughout the duration of the event, eat properly, and shower regularily.  The District will be providing a limited supply of chilled bottled water at our encampment, which will be sold at cost.  Please take advantage of this water supply to keep hydrated and cool.  Outposts are also encouraged to bring a cooler with water as well to supplement the supply of water.  Water stations and vendors will also be located throughout the Camporama event area.


  • Please set the example for our district and your outpost by attending all devotionals and evening services.
  • Ensure the safety, well-being, and conduct of your delegation to, at, and from Camporama.
  • Ensure that everyone from your delegation attends the morning devotionals, evening services, and follows all Camporama rules and guidelines for their safety.
  • Make sure everyone gets enough liquid to avoid dehydration and stays cool to avoid heat exhaustion.
  • Please instruct everyone in your delegation to be respectful of others by keeping shower houses and latreens clean.
  • Make sure everyone is having FUN!


Volunteers are critical for the success of the 2012 National Camporama. The National office needs FULL-TIME volunteers from each and every district. All persons who can work full-time should go to www.surveymonkey.com/s/camporamavolunteer to complete the initial information requried to volunteer.

As a part of the registration process, each adult will be asked when they are able to volunteer.  Each adult registrant will be asked to work a minimum of one, four-hour shift during the National Camporama.  A schedule and assignments will be posted at Camporama on the District bulletin board.  Please contact Cmdr. Rob Berdine to let him know that your are attending and will be volunteering. 


Our District will be designing and having made special commemorative hatpins and possibly tokens that represent our District or state.  Each person participating from our District will receive several of the hatpins and tokens for keepsake and trading with others.  The cost of the hatpins and tokens is included in the District registration fee.  Additional hatpins/tokens will be available for sale.  The cost will be provided here at a later date when the cost is determined.  However, if you can get other pins or trade items from your state or area that you feel would be tradeable and desirable items, we encourage you to bring some to Camporama as they will assist you in collecting many of the hatpins that will be available for trade throughout the event.


Make your mark at Camporama by participating in STAMPorama!
The National office is asking that each outpost create their own outpost unique stamp (and provide ink pad) to share with others around the country. The stamp must include your outpost number and district. Other text (such as “Camporama 2012”) is optional. The stamp should be no bigger than 2.5”x 2.5”. The design is totally up to your outpost - be creative and have fun with it!
Several pages in the Camporama Camp book (included in the price of registration) will be devoted to collecting at least one stamp from each district and then extra pages for more stamps
STAMPorama is a local outpost activity and not provided by the district. Outpost stamps should not be confused with district hat pins or tokens used for trading.
During Camporma week while visiting campsites, challenge your boys and young men to collect at least one outpost stamp from each district and then see who can collect the most stamps!
Send your design to rangers@ag.org and they may post it online as examples!
What will you come up with? 


Our District will be able to earn awards at Camporama for the following.  You assistance in helping our District to earn the awards will reflect well on our District, which is know as one of the best in the Region and in the Nation, and will greatly appreciated.

  • Best District Entryway - John Bender (Coordinator)
  • Best District Camp - Don Crone (Coordinator)
  • Best District Flag - Greg Scott (Designer)
  • Best District Spirit - Robert Johnston (Coordinator)
  • Largest District Attendance - Every Leader (Coordinator)

If you have some ideas for a best yell, song or district spirit, please contact Cmdr. Robert Johnston


Please visit the National Camporama website at http://nationalcamporama.ag.org/fundraising/  for information and ideas for fundraising for your outpost.

FCF Village Resident Requirements

If you or anyone in your outpost desires to stay in and be a part of the FCF Village at Camporma, please click here for important information on how to register to stay in the Village.