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Frequently Asked Questions

(District) - 2016 National Camporama

Updated February 20, 2016

Here are frequently asked questions about Camporama pertaining to our District. Contact the District Director, Cmdr. Greg Scott or the Ass't. Camporama Event Coordinator, Cmdr. Steve Steffel for specific details or with any questions.

Do I need to register with the District in addition to the National registration?

Yes. Each person attending the National Camporama must register directly with the National office as well as with their District. There is a $25 registration fee with the District in addition to the National Camporama fee. District registration forms and fees should be sent directly to Cmdr. Greg Scott at 400 Eagle Nest Drive, Camden, DE 19934 within 1 week of registering with the National office, but no later than June 30th.

What is included with my District registration fee?

The District registration fee will cover, but is not necessarily limited to such things as the District commemorative hatpins/tokens, give-a-ways, materials and supplies for the District archway, flag, banner and encampment, materials for District spirit, promotional materials provided to sections and outposts, as well as other miscellaneous costs incurred.

When can we check in on-site?

Check-in begins on Sunday, July 17th, at 1:00 p.m. Unless you are on District Camporama Staff, you will not be allowed to enter the campground prior to that time. Prior arrangements need to be made with the District and National office if you need to be on-site prior to that day and time. Upon arrival, you will be directed to the registration office at the Eagles Lodge, located in the Eagles Resort area. Each person will need to check in. One person cannot check in the entire group. You may then proceed through the secure campground entrance to our district area to set up your campsite. A District and/or Region representative will be present to direct you to your camping area. Our encampment will be laid out in an orderly and safe fashion and you will be shown where to locate your tents by the camp coordinator. Campsites/tents should be set up no later than Monday afternoon, July 18th. The first activity is Monday's Grand Opening Rally on July 18th.

Will there be any District transportation available?

No. Unfortunately, we have not been able to generate enough interest to make getting a charter bus economical. However, if your outpost is planning on attending the 2016 National Camporama and transportation is a problem, please contact Cmdr. Steve Steffel as soon as possible and he will try to assist you in hooking up with an outpost that has room to take additional persons to Camporama. We cannot guarantee transportation, but will make every effort to accomnodate requests.

Will the District carry insurance to cover me before, during, and after National Camporama?

No, the District will not provide insurance coverage for your trip out and back and during Camporama.  The National office will; however, provide insurance coverage during Camporama.  You should check with your church to make sure they have coverage on your group while they travel to and from Camporama.  Please be aware; however, that most insurance coverages are supplemental and conditions may apply.

I want to help. Will there be opportunities to volunteer at Camporama?

Yes. Our District is required to provide persons who can volunteer their help during the Camporama.  Each person attending the Camporama with our District will be required to serve at least two, four hour periods during the Camporama sometime from Sunday, July 17th to Friday, July 22nd.  Assignments will be made once you arrive at Camporama.  Outposts that only bring two leaders will not be expected to volunteer their services due to the necessity of providing adequate “two-deep leadership” with their boys.

Are fires allowed in our campsite at Camporama?

Unfortunately, no.  Typically it is a very dry period at Eagle Rock in July and open fires will not be allowed.  Also, due to the close proximity of campers and tents in tight camping environment, allowing fires would not be safe.

Will there be any electric available for our campsite?

Unfortunately, no.  Electrical connections or outlets are limited to the shower houses only.  These outlets can be used; however, to charge cell phones or battery packs for CPAP machines.  Outlets are limited and charging times are hit or miss due to demand.  The district or national will not be responsible for devices left unattended.

For more information or Frequently Asked Questions pertaining the the National Camporama, please visit and refer to General Information