Hand Me Another Brick by Charles Swindall

Hand Me Another Brick by Charles Swindall

The brilliant and uplifting manual that enables you to experience moral vigor and spiritual fulfillment.  You Too Can Learn How To:
 -Overcome discouragement
 -Relate to your boss
 -Get over jealousy
 -Handle money wisely
 -Practice the fine art of insightful thinking
 -Find and nurture your unique inner spirit
 -Develop self-control
 -Be aware of details without getting lost in them
 -Confess and accept your part in a problem
 -Prepare yourself for success

This book is one that I needed to read 2 times to fully digest it all. It is a detailed study into the book of Nehemiah from a leaders’ perspective. 

It discusses the qualities and perspectives that can enable you to be a better leader by reviewing each of the actions, inactions, reactions, prayers and petitions that Nehemiah made. 

There is a lot of stuff here.

 I know for me, after reading this, it is more about how to apply some of these principles into my life.  The particular copy I had included a study guide that walks you through both analyzing what you read as well as questions to promote application in your life. 

So, while it may be a long read for a book of less than 200 pages, it was well worth the investment of time and effort!