Junior Training Camp

Junior Training Camp (JTC) is for boys who have completed sixth grade or above. This camp trains boys in camping techniques and outpost leadership and is conducted in an outdoor setting. Trainees are divided into patrols that camp together, eat together, and function as units throughout the camp. It is a specialized camping experience where Royal Rangers receive training in the patrol system, leadership, camping, and teamwork. Training emphasizes camp craft techniques, and team-building skills, giving boys the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. In addition, each trainee receives a workbook at the beginning of the camp to complete while at camp. This camp will change your life!

You must graduate from JTC first to be eligible to attend the Advanced Junior Training Camp (AJTC).

JTC offers training in: The Patrol Method, Rope Craft, Lashing, Tool Craft, Fire Craft, Compass, Camp Safety, Camp Layout, Cooking, Sanitation, Witnessing to Friends, Goal Setting, Professional Image, Ceremony & Presentation Planning, Junior Leaders in an Outpost, Council Fires, Camp Recreation