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2015 BGMC Offerings


 Event  Amount
George Washington Chapter FCF - Spring Trace
Junior Training Camps
Penn-Del District Powwow  $212.10
West Division Fall Camporee
East Division Fall Camporee
George Washington Chapter FCF - Fall Trace
    Total: $679.09





Master's Toolbox

Congratulations, Royal Rangers, for your top giving to Master’s Toolbox in 2013-2104. We were 5th in the nation, giving over $4,300 towards the Master's Toolbox. Great job Penn-Del!  But....... can we do better?  You bet we can!

For more information on Master's Toolbox and what Royal Rangers can do to support it, please visit BGMC Master's Toolbox

If you need assistance with Master’s Toolbox and ideas of how to generate funds, contact Marshall Bruner at mbruner@ag.org or 417.862.2781, ext. 4093.

Master's Toolbox Challenge

With the National Camporama coming up again in 2016 we are providing a new challenge to the boys in order to raise money for the current Master's Toolbox project. The current Master's Toolbox project is Healthcare Ministries. You can change 2 lives with just 1 Master's Toolbox.

For only $9, a child can be offered medical and dental care and a gospel witness through HealthCare Ministries. That means with each Master’s Toolbox offering box you fill with $18, you can help two physically and spiritually needy boys and girls around the globe!

So, what is the challenge you ask?
The boy that raises the most for Master's Toolbox between now and March 15th, 2016, will win free registration to the 2016 National Camporama in Eagle Rock, MO. Compliments of the Penn-Del District. That is a $295 value. In addition, for every $100 any boy raises for the Master's Toolbox project between now and March 15th, 2016, he will have his name entered into a drawing for a second free National Camporama registration. There is no limit on the number of times a boys name can be entered. He will receive 1 entry for each full $100 raised.  But that's not all!  The outpost that raises the most for BGMC between now and March 15th, 2016, will receive a free National Camporama registration.

How to get Master's Toolbox Giving Credit for the Challenge
Typically, your church will send in your Master's Toolbox offerings as a church or outpost with all offerings combined. Please do that and be sure to use the Master's Toolbox Info Flyer & Giving Form when doing so. Send all money to BGMC. However, you can also use the same form to give credit to an individual boy. Just enter the boy's name under the Donor Name and the amount he raised and complete the rest of the information and send a copy of the form to Cmdr. Greg Scott by mail or email to:

Cmdr. Greg Scott
400 Eagle Nest Drive
Camden, DE 19934


All money earned by each boy will be tracked up until March 15th, 2015, by the forms received.  Do not send any money to Cmdr. Greg Scott. Send all money to BGMC.  Just send forms for giving verification.  If you have any questions please contact Cmdr. Greg Scott.

How to get Master's Toolbox Containers
Master's Toolbox containers will be handed out at the 2015 Penn-Del District Powwow or you can get more containers by simply calling My Healthy Church at 1-855-642-2011 and ask for Master's Toolbox, Item No. 729-893. They are free. Or, click here to order online and use the Item No. provided.

This is a great opportunity for two boys and one outpost to get a free registration to 2016 National Camporama!