PDRR Camp Workday

PDRR Camp Workday

Sat, October 20, 20188:30 AM - 4:00 PM



Just a reminder that we have our last scheduled workday at our Camp Berry on Saturday, Sept. 30th. We have plenty to do to get the Camp ready for the Territorial Rendezvous, which will be held at our Camp the following weekend, Oct. 5-8. I hope you have made plans to attend both the workday and the Rendezvous. We want our Camp to look and be in great shape for our guests.

The house will be open for those wanting to come and stay Friday night. We will begin work at 8:00 AM and hopefully wrap things up at 4:00 PM. Paul Sheaffer will providing a light breakfast and a full lunch for those attending. Please email him at psheaffer@comcast.net to let him know you will be attending and wanting food.

Below are some of the things planned for the workday.

Work to be done:

  • Finish sheet rock in the 1st floor of the Farm House where we are making a large meeting/dining room. May need some framing. Finish Installing counter top. (need fine tooth cutting blade and guide and clamps to cut the edge of the countertop precisely). Then screw gun or driver to screw down counter top attaching it to the supporting framework, careful to not go thru the top.
  • Plan flooring for farm house large meeting room.
  • Clean up farm house basement and add additional support column in basement between office and dining area.
  • Trim carefully around Arborvitaes (push mower). Note any dead ones so we can get replacements. Also weed whacking needs done our front along the road.
  • More dead Ash trees killed by the Ash bore beetle need to be cut down due to safety concerns. Please bring a chainsaw if you have one. A tree has blown down in the flag raising area of the camp and needs removed. Thee are many limbs down in different areas of the camp that need removed.
  • There is also plenty of wood to split if you can bring a wood splitter.
  • Weed whack around buildings and prepare camp site for Rendezvous.
  • New pole building
  • Seal roof leak
  • Seal holes in east side metal wall
  • Seal vertical crack where sheet metal meets concrete blocks on the south side
  • Trim to even up east side roof edge – strike a line and cut straight
  • Put on roof corner brackets (they are there)
  • Paint roof white and walls green
  • Double check locks and keys on man door.
  • Installation of playground equipment. Chad Hetrick can provide feedback if any work needs to be done at the work day
  • Relocate existing shed located across the road from large pavilion.
  • Service tractors, mowers
  • Shoot the topo of the pageant and audience area. Also shoot topo of proposed Shower House area

Plenty to do so we need plenty of helping hands.

See your there?