Penn-Del Saber Corps


 "'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,'

 says the LORD Almighty."
 -Zechariah 4:6b

 The Graduate Saber

PDJLDA graduates who complete four JLDA camps and some other requirements are eligible to earn the Academy Saber. The saber is inscribed with their name, the date presented,the Academy Graduate's Saber number and their favorite Scripture verse. This personalized Saber will be a trophy that many will want, but few Rangers will receive.

The Saber Corps

The Saber Corps is a group of Expedition Rangers that serve, lead by example, and hold a high standard of achievement. They have Biblical Moral Conduct and Character.

Past Saber recipients

Saber Application

2018 PDJLDA Saber Requirements

  1. Must complete all other requirements before your 18th birthday
  2. Graduate JTC
  3. Graduate AJTC
  4. Graduate an Elective Camp (JSC/SAC, JWC/WSAC, JCC, JMC,JTT/BAC, & etc.)
  5. Graduate Elite Camp or another Elective Camp
  6. Read all 72 Distinctives found in "A Guy's Journey to Servant Leadership"
  7. Earn 8 Leadership Merits (Red. Gold, or Sky Blue)
  8. Read "Next Generation Leader" by Andy Stanley
  9. Send in Application with Appropriate Fee.