Ranger Training Camp

Who is this camp for?

Discovery Ranger boys who have completed the 4th grade by June 30th before the camp dates but have not yet graduated from 6th grade.

What does this camp teach?

Boys will be introduced to their roles within their patrol and to group leadership.

A camp graduate should be capable of serving as a junior leader in a boy-led, adult-facilitated outpost. He should have asked himself at some point during the camp each of these questions:

  • What is my role in my patrol and group?
  • What are my God-given (natural) talents and strengths?
  • How do I add value to my patrol & group?
  • What responsibilities can I undertake to help my patrol & group?

Where is this camp?

Penn-Del Royal Rangers holds this camp at Camp Berry in Honey Grove, PA

When is this camp?

The RTC will be held from August 1st to August 4th in 2018.

What do I need to do to attend? 

Boys must meet the requirements stated above and on the application. Complete and return all application materials by the deadline with the indicated deposit.

Upcoming Camps

August 1- August 4, 2018

Penn-Del Royal Ranger Camp Berry
3495 Middle Road
Honey Grove, PA 17035

Ranger Training Camp Application (Word)
Ranger Training Camp Application (PDF)

Ranger Training Camp Info (PDF)