Royal Ranger Alumni

Do you know any former or "retired" Ranger Commanders that may be interested in helping serve in some small way? Please email our acting RRA Coordinator, Tom Shaffer, with their name and contact information.

Please check out the official RRA website:

Join the National and District RRA by downloading and completing the PDF application. Mail application to Tom Shaffer.

RRA Membership Requirements
RRA Application

The Royal Rangers ministry is nearly 50 years old and many leaders have reached retirement age or have medical issues, commitments or other situations that keep them from serving as a Royal Rangers commander. Royal Rangers is now a ministry for all ages; you must be 5 years old to join the Rangers Kids program, and you must be 55 years old to join the Royal Rangers Alumni (RRA) program.

Our objective for the RRA program is to provide a method by which RR leaders (age 55 plus) may continue to serve as a vital part of the Royal Rangers Ministry. RRA provides an opportunity for leaders to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with boys and local commanders. The RRA provides the opportunity for you to continue to be involved in Rangers as your time permits.

Many times we have made the statement that the mission of Royal Rangers is: "To Reach, Teach and Keep Boys for Jesus Christ." There are still many boys that need to be reached for Jesus Christ and you can be a vital part of reaching boys for Christ.

Royal Rangers leaders upon reaching retirement age or when medical problems, or other reasons prohibit them from serving as a commander, may feel they no longer have a part in the Royal Rangers ministry. This is certainly not the case, as many of these leaders have a wealth of knowledge and experiences and are willing and able to serve on a limited basis.

The Royal Rangers Alumni will provide the structure by which these Royal Rangers leaders may continue to be a vital part of Royal Rangers and provide assistance to their districts or sections on their time schedule.

It is further recognized that people in the retirement age bracket frequently develop medically problems, loneliness or other situations and they need our fellowship, prayers and support.

  • The objective of the RRA is to provide opportunities for service and ministry for former/retired Royal Rangers leaders.
  • To fellowship with current and former Royal Rangers leaders
  • To be involved in service activities as their time, health, and schedule permits.
  • To serve as a resource to the leadership of Royal Rangers in their section, district, region and national structure as needed.
  • To receive periodic updates from their district and the national office on what is happening in Royal Rangers
  • To remember and minister to retired leaders and their spouses during times of need.

Membership Requirements

  • Be 55 years of age or medically unable to carry out the duties of a commander. Applicants under the age of 55 will be allowed at the discretion of the District Commander.
  • Be in good standing with his/her church and district.
  • Has served in a Royal Rangers position at the local, sectional, district, regional or national level.
  • Approval of the District Commander for membership is required.
  • Dual membership: Leader serving in a position within a chartered outpost (or higher) and RRA member.
  • Note: Some leaders may be eligible for RRA and still desire to continue serving in their assigned position.
  • Background Checks for RRA members
    To participate in a Royal Rangers event, camp or other activity which involves boys and girls under the age of 18, the RRA Member is required to follow the screening process that is established by the organization which is sponsoring the event.
  • The RRA office does not require background investigations as part of the requirements for being an RRA member. However the Pastor and District must approve the individual for membership. The Pastors and District Commanders signature on the RRA membership application indicates that the applicant is in good standing with their local church and their district at the time of application. This does not omit the RRA applicant from following the procedures established by the local church and/or other Royal Rangers organizations.
  • To join the RRA you may download the PDF application by clicking Here