Shooting Sports Action Camp

Penn-Del's Shooting Sports Action Camp is a new camp for both boys and men. Participants will learn how to safely shoot bows and guns and participants will have the opportunity to shoot .22 rifles, shotguns, skeet shooting, pistols (not semi-automatic), revolvers, and semi-automatic (not automatic) AR-15 style rifles under the supervision of certified NRA range safety officers, as well as recurve and compound bows.  Participants under the age of 18 will complete many of all of the requirements for the Green Archery and Advanced Marksmanship Merits and the Silver Small-bore Safety Merit (If NRA Course is taken)

This camp is for:

Adventure Rangers who are graduates of JTC

Expedition Rangers who have completed 8th grade or higher

Male Royal Ranger Leaders

This camp will teach boys and men:

  • Shooting skills
  • Shooting Safety
  • Self-discipline
  • Shooting equipment knowledge and use
  • And more

General Requirements:

  1. Must be an Adventure Ranger who is a graduate of JTC or and Expedition Ranger who has completed 8th grade or higher or a male Royal Ranger leader.
  2. All boys (younger than 18 years must submit a Boy's Permission Form with a signature of a parent/guardian and Outpost commander.
  3. All adults (18 years or older) must submit an Adult Clearance Form with Pastor's signature.
  4. All Applicants must complete the Penn-Del Royal Ranger JLDA Health History Form.

Other Requirements:

All required application materials along with the required payment must be submitted by the stated deadline.

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