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Advancing to Buckskin and Wilderness

FCF members who came into FCF under the old system (this is all of you!) only have to complete the merit requirements for the level to which you are seeking to advance. Therefore, in order to advance to Buckskin current Frontiersmen must earn three merits: Church (red), Knife & Hawk (green), and Archery (green) or Black Powder (silver). You do not have to earn the eight merits required for the new Trail of the Grizzly, although if you earn them you are eligible to wear the Trail of the Grizzly merit patch. Current Buckskin members seeking to advance to Wilderness must earn four additional merits: Christian Service (gold), Wilderness Survival (silver), Primitive Snares, and Primitive Shelters (both green).

If any FCF members are desirous of assisting in the Frontier Adventure, which is required for advancement to Buckskin and Wilderness, you must contact Vince Fry, the chapter Adventure coordinator, via mail as soon as possible. In your letter, include your name, address, phone number.

FCF - Looking For New Brothers

The Trail of the Grizzly is designed to direct boys and leaders along the challenging FCF trail of advancement. The purpose of the Trail of the Grizzly is to help to prepare members to become more proficient in their FCF skills and to become more effective at reaching, teaching, and keeping boys for Jesus Christ.

In order to be admitted as an FCF member boys and leaders must successfully complete the Frontier Adventure, held at the Spring Trace. In order to be eligible for the Frontier Adventure a candidate must earn 8 required merits. The required merits are Rope Craft, Fire Craft, Cooking, Compass, Lashing, First Aid Skills, Tool Craft (all of which are red merits), and Camping (a gold merit). In addition, the candidate must explain the plan of salvation and explain the meaning of the Royal Ranger emblem (this is done to the group commander or senior commander, who will sign off on the candidate’s application).

Additionally a boy must be at least 11 years old and an Adventure Ranger or Expedition Ranger. He must also be recommended by his group commander and his pastor.

Additional requirements for a man are that he must have successfully completed the RR Basics module and be in good standing in his church, which requires a recommendation by his pastor.

Upon successfully completing the Frontier Adventure the candidate will be admitted as a Frontiersman into FCF. Note: the old phase I testing will no longer be required.

The application, a copy of which was sent to all senior commanders, must be completed and mailed to John “Sassafras” Plante, the chapter scribe, a $45 fee (includes Spring Trace registration). John’s address is: 811 Spruce St., Easton, PA 18042-4310.

What is Trapper’s Brigade, Anyway -Why Should I be Involved?

The purpose of Trapper’s Brigade is to promote Christian service among FCF members by encouraging you to be engaged in service to your church and fellow man. Such service consists of your involvement in the ministries of your local church (outside of Royal Rangers) and missions projects. In addition, your involvement in community-related service is also encouraged in recognition that this can be an effective way to let the light of your Christian testimony shine in your community.

The Trapper’s Brigade is open to all FCF members, Young Bucks and Old-Timers alike, who are in good standing with the George Washington chapter—this means that Frontiersmen can participate in Trapper’s Brigade!

In order to qualify for Trapper’s Brigade, you must earn a certain number of service points. You gain service points when you volunteer your time (without being paid) in church (excluding Rangers), your local community, missions projects, or humanitarian organizations. For each hour of service you do (while being an FCF member) in the local church or community you receive 1/2 point. For each hour of service done outside the community (not counting travel time), you will receive 1 point. Young Bucks receive 1 point for every hour of service regardless of the location where your performed your hours of service. This means that Young Bucks will receive 1 point for every hour of local service including church service projects such as ushering, janitorial work, being a member of a worship team, etc. You continue to accumulate points even as you reach a new step of recognition within the Trapper’s Brigade.

Some examples of church service projects include doing yard work or other maintenance for the church; visiting the sick or visiting nursing homes; serving as an usher; teaching or assisting in Sunday School; participating in youth, bus, or music ministry; doing office work; time spent performing duties as a deacon or elder; and participating in food or clothing drives.

Examples of community service include helping with disaster relief; working at food banks or homeless shelters; being a Big Brother volunteer; working as a hospital, library or voter registration volunteer; coaching or assisting community athletic teams; and working as a volunteer fireman.

In addition you can earn points (not counting travel time) for missionary trips you take or missionary projects in which you participate.

There are three steps of recognition within Trapper’s Brigade. You need a total of 20 points to earn Company Trapper, a total of 60 points to earn Bourgeois, and a total of 120 points to earn Free Trapper. For each additional 30 points, the Free Trapper receives a numeral.

In order for your service points to be counted , you must participate in a Trapper’s Brigade review , which is usually done at the Spring Trace and the District Pow-Wow. You will have to arrange with John “Sassafras” Plante to have your review. You will need to bring documentation (photos are especially helpful) of the service projects in which you participated. A copy of The Trapper’s Brigade application is in the FCF handbook.

In addition to earning personal recognition for participating in Trapper’s Brigade, you will help our chapter to maintain its five-star chapter award status. I strongly encourage you to be a positive example to the other men and boys in your outpost and participate in Trapper’s Brigade if you have earned sufficient points.

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