South Central Sectional News

  • 37th Discovery/Adventure/Expedition Ranger Winter Day Held Feb 27, 2016

    Results Bible / Ranger IQ Discovery Rangers First Place: Nolin Torrado - OP 33 Discovery Rangers Second Place: Eli Thompson - OP 132 Discovery Rangers Third Place: Jacob Freeman - OP 33 Adventure Rangers First Place: JT Thompson - OP 132 Adventure Rangers Second Place: Jacob Konefsky - OP 115 Adventure Rangers Third Place: Mark Yeakley - OP 132     Read More

  • SC/SCE Sectional Adventure Camp - Moved to May - May 20-22nd, 2016

    The SC/SCE Combined Sectional Adventure Camp has moved to the month of May.  The new date for the camp is May 20 thru May 22  More information to come....   Read More

  • Ranger Derby Day Held March 22, 2014

    Derby Day Results Ranger Kids First Place: Jonathan Nickard Ranger Kids Second Place: Josh OP 10 Ranger Kids Third Place:William McDonald Discovery First Place:Andrew Bell Discovery Second Place: Eric Valko Discovery Third Place:Mickey Nickard Adventure/Exp. First Place:Dallas Sworner Adventure/Exp. Second Place:Luke Michaels Adventure/Exp.   Read More

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