April 14th, Work Day - Work List

There will be a workday on Saturday, April 14th at the Camp. We will begin work at 8:30 AM and work until around 3:30 PM. Lunch will be provided. There is lots to do so plan on coming with your boys to give us a hand. Below is a partial list of work that is planned and more will be added as we near the date.

Workday Projects

  1. Finish taping and spackling sheet rock in the 1st floor of the Farm House where we have made a large meeting/dining room. 
  2. Finish painting basement stairway in house.
  3. Complete metal trim, trim front roof line, and painting of lower pole building
  4. Clean up farm house basement and add additional support column in basement between office and dining area.
  5. Trim carefully around Arborvitaes (push mower). Note any dead ones so we can get replacements. Also weed whacking needs done our front along the road.
  6. More dead Ash trees killed by the Ash bore beetle need to be cut down due to safety concerns. Please bring a chainsaw if you have one. There are many limbs down in different areas of the camp that need removed.
  7. There is also plenty of wood to split if you can bring a wood splitter.
  8. Weed whack around buildings.
  9. New pole building
  10. Relocate existing shed located across the road from large pavilion