FCF Spring Trace Report

by Greg Scott FCF

We had 95 persons in attendance at our FCF Spring Trace on April 27-29 at Camp berry in Honey Grove, PA.

Pilgrims - 8 New Frontiersmen - 7 (All Young Bucks) Frontiersmen - 43 Buckskin - 11 (2 YB, 9 OT) Wilderness - 14 (14 OT) Visitors - 12

No. Shelters - 27

Congratulations to the 7 new Frontiersmen that joined the ranks of the George Washington Chapter FCF at the the Spring Trace. Pictured, but not in order are Lake Barnes, Andrew Bell, Anthony Kibe, Lucas Knorr, Logan Knorr, Dakota O’Hawk and Jacob Wickard.


For those of you that have not advanced in like forever, what are you waiting for? Start getting prepared to advance at the Fall Trace. We will be doing Buckskin and Wilderness at the Trace on Oct. 5-7. Contact Mike Schechterly for information and deadlines for submission.

Applications can be downloaded at http://www.nationalfcf.com/FCF-Forms

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