Recognizing Camp Supporters

by William Sisolak Camp Berry

Recognizing Camp Supporters

We want to thank all of the churches and individuals that contributed to the purchase of the Penn-Del District Royal Ranger Camp Berry. Since it was purchased in 1999, some have been faithful in giving annually to the Camp Berry fund. Some have given a different intervals. In either case, churches and individuals have made it possible to have a place for Royal Rangers to gather for training and campouts. We want to recognize those individuals.

We are in the process of identifying who those churches and individuals are. When we have that list compiled, we will be posting lists on this site recognizing how many years our partners have contributed to the development of the camp and more importantly to the development of young men into current and future servant leaders.

There will be four levels of recognition: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. When we publish the lists, more information will be provided on the different levels.

Stay tuned.

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