Shower House Project - We have reached our GOAL!!!

We have raised our funds to complete our much needed shower house project.  It is estimated that it will cost $88,000 to complete.  Thank you so much to all of the churches,outposts, businesses, and individuals that have contributed to this project to help it come to fruition.

We are in the process of completing the plans for the shower house and have much to resolve, including overall construction design, electrical feed and layout, water feed and plumbing layout, sanitary sewer disposal and plumbing layout, fixture selection, and much more.

The shower house location is proposed along the north side of the main dirt road cutting through camp to the right of the existing water spigots.  Preliminary plans call for the shower house to be 42'x 56' with 14 showers, 14 toilets, 12 urinals, and 14 sinks, 4 mop sinks.  It is our goal to complete plans by early summer and get the building permit and start construction by late summer or early fall of 2017, with a completion date to have it ready for our 50th anniversary Powwow in 2018.

We always have incidentals and changes or overruns that go with every project so if you have not yet contributed to the shower house project and would like to do so there is still plenty of time.  Anyone contributing $25 or more toward the project will have their name engraved on a plaque to be displayed on the shower house indicating the list of supporters and contributors toward the project.  

Please give consideration to contributing to our project as a church, outpost, business or individual.  If there are any excess funds we will use them toward another project.  We have plenty of them.  Please make all checks payable to Penn-Del District Royal Rangers and send all contributions to:

Greg Scott
400 Eagle Nest Drive
Camden, DE 19934

As of April 4th, we have raised our share of $44,000 for the shower house project. The Sectional Presbyters are matching this amount with another $44,000.  We are at the top. Congratulations and thank you for your generous support.  Thank you so much to the Sectional Presbyters for matching our funds.

Directions to Camp:

Click here for a Google Map

For your GPS, plug in the coordinates N 40.419214, W 77.563777

Camp Address:
 3495 Middle Road
 Honey Grove, PA 17035

Next Camp Workday, Saturday, April 13, 2019

Our first scheduled workday at the Camp for the 2019 season is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th. There is plenty to do and your help at the work day and help promoting it is important. Please get the word out and encourage the men in your section to give us a hand. We will be starting at 8:00 AM and will work until 4:00 PM or until we run out of energy, whichever comes first. You are welcome to come up on Friday evening and stay the night.  We will provide breakfast for those staying over and lunch will be served on Saturday.

Some of the things we have to do on on this workday are below, but more will be posted shortly:

  • General grass cutting
  • Complete painting of lower pole building
  • Paint roof of upper well house
  • Reconstruct swim platform
  • Complete renovation of basement bathroom
  • Clean-up Jr. Camps area in barn and install chain link gates on storage areas.
  • Trim carefully around Arborvitaes (push mower). Note any dead ones so we can get replacements. Also weed whacking needs done our front along the road.
  • More dead Ash trees killed by the Ash bore beetle need to be cut down due to safety concerns. Please bring a chainsaw if you have one. There are many limbs down in different areas of the camp that need removed.
  • There is also plenty of wood to split if you can bring a wood splitter.
  • Weed whack around buildings.
  • New pole building pavilion footers.
  • Move unused tractor bucket up by road and put up for sale.
  • Post boundary line of Camp along hillside on other side of the road.

The camp is located on Route 850 just 1-1/2 miles northwest of Honey Grove, PA. If you are coming from the west on Route 322, get off the Mifflintown exit and take Route 35 south until you get to Route 850 (approx. 22 mi.), turn left and head east on Rt. 850 and follow it to the camp, camp is about 1/4 mile past Tuscarora Elementary school, camp will be on left. If you are coming from the east on Route 322, get off the Port Royal exit and take Route 75 south to Honey Grove (approx. 21 mi.), turn right onto Route 850 and head west for about 1-1/2 mile, camp will be on right. If coming from the PA Turnpike or Carlisle area, take Route 74 north to Route 850 in Landisburg, take Route 850 west trough Loysville and Honey Grove, camp is 1-1/2 mile on right past Honey Grove.