The purpose of CAC is to give junior leaders an introduction to the sport of canoeing, and to help them be better prepared to assist in conducting canoe trips with their outpost. It will also provide an opportunity for outstanding adventure in some of the most beautiful canoe country in America. All requirements for the Canoeing Merit will be met at this camp.

CAC is a three-day event, beginning at 7:00 am on Day 1 with an orientation session and devotion followed by breakfast at the base camp. At the launch point Trainees will receive instruction on a variety of canoe-handling, launching, landing, and safety skills. Thereafter, the expedition will begin. Throughout the day additional instruction classes such as proper canoe strokes, packing and portaging a canoe will be provided. Each participant will be given the opportunity to demonstrate each of these techniques.

On the morning of Day 2, after breakfast and a brief morning assembly, further instruction will continue. Thereafter, the float will continue. Additional classes and/or review will be conducted during the float as needed. Lunch will be taken along the river during the float

On the morning of Day 3, after breakfast and morning assembly, the group will continue their float and arrive at the take-out point around noon. A final assembly luncheon will be served back at the base camp in the early afternoon.

Throughout the trip, Trainees will practice the various techniques learned in the classes, such as bow paddling, stern paddling, portaging, packing, and cooking. The length of the float will be approximately 25-30 miles.

Participants will qualify to earn the 25-mile Award at the conclusion of the camp.

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