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To give and to serve - The Motto of FCF

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2019 George Washington Chapter Spring Trace

Guest Speaker: 

Penn-Del District Royal Ranger camp 
Honey Grove, PA 
April 26-28, 2019

Click Here for the GW Chapter 2019 Spring Trace Packet - PDF Version


Latest from Mark "Broken Lance" Lance:

Please turn in all applications for new membership ASAP.  Frontiersman, let’s get on board and get going towards Buckskin! We will be having a Buckskin Ceremony at the Spring Trace for those advancing to Buckskin.  Buckskins, if we can get 5 buckskin members who want to advance to wilderness, we can have a wilderness vigil.  Contact me (Broken Lance) or Griz Gary Coleman.

Regarding the Trace Auction, we need you to bring items to put on the blanket. Funds go toward missions, also the LOVE blanket and a young buck auction blanket.

A big Event for FCF is coming this July.  The 2018 National FCF Rendezvous at Camp Eagle rock. Check nationalfcf.Com for more info. Or call the chapter president Mark “broken lance” Lance 610-597-7983 Anytime.


* Click the News link for the Geo. Washington Chapter Spring Trace summary, posts from "Broken Lance", and much, much more.  The most recent post is dated March 4, 2018.



1. For clarification, per the new FCF handbook and the national FCF website http://www.nationalfcf.com/, the 20 hours of outpost service required for each level of advancement cannot include hours for "weekly meetings, regular outings, or training."

2. Both the new and the pre-2015 Trapper's Brigade applications are currently available for download at the Penn-Del district RR website at http://www.pdrangers.org/Downloads/