Penn-Del’s Security Color Guard camp is a new camp that will be offered every two years. The intent is to build an elite group of boys who will serve their outposts, churches, communities, sections, and district at events and ceremonies. The camp is patterned after very successful camps held by several other districts for more than 25 years. This will be a boy run adult facilitated group.

This camp is for:

Discovery Rangers who have completed4th Grade

Adventure Rangers

Expedition Rangers

This camp will teach boys:

General Requirements :

1. Must be a Discovery Ranger completing the 4th grade by date of camp, an Adventure Ranger, or an Expedition Ranger in good standing with his outpost and church.

2. Must have a complete utility uniform with properly attached and placed patches. This includes the proper black web belt and silver buckle.

3. Be willing to commit to two years of service at outpost, church, sectional, and district events as requested. The first event will most likely be the district Pow Wow in June (Assemblies, Services, and a couple hours of security).

Other Requirements:
 Ranger boys must be physically able to endure prolonged marching (parade style). Think about marching in an hour long parade. ALL ATTENDEES must have a utility uniform with its proper insignia. This means both the shirt and the Tac Pants along with the proper black belt and buckle. Patches should be properly attached using the guide found on the National Royal Ranger website www.royalrangers.com. Finally, all required application materials along with the required payment must be submitted by the stated deadline.

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