Survival Action Camp (SAC) is designed to give boys and adults intense training and experience in survival camping. This camp is for Rangers who have completed the eighth grade. Upon completion of SAC they will have completed all requirements for the silver Wilderness Survival Merit.

The time at SAC will be divided between instruction and application.Attendees are placed into two-man survival teams and will select a name and motto for their team.They learn skills such as advanced fire craft, primitive beds and shelters, outdoor cooking, and first aid. Teams construct, live and sleep in survival shelters. They build solar stills and use the water that is obtained. They learn how to acquire and prepare food from their surroundings. Their survival kits are inspected and brought up to minimum standards by the camp staff. SAC includes a 24-hour survival experience.

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Survival Action Camp for Expedition Rangers and Leaders


Penn-Del Royal Ranger Camp Berry 
Honey Grove, PA


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